Conferece: Now the Circular Economy, SEVILLA


Conferece: Now the Circular Economy, SEVILLA

The current logic of our market economy is mainly based on lineal resource consumption according to the "take-make-consume-dispose" model type. Despite efforts to reduce environmental impacts and increase recycling, this model is not sustainable in the long-term, given the expected global population growth -specially the middle class-, the urbanism and the existing resource scarcity. The prognosis of the existence of raw materials and resources foresees depletion by the end of this century, or at least, significant strains in the next 20 years.

In the face of these challenges, the European Commission adopted last December a new circular economy package to stimulate Europe\\'s transition towards a circular economy whose ultimate goal is to establish an efficient production and consumption system in the use of resources where they are used again and again. In practice, the various public and private actors are mobilized: enterprises foresee this change through the work in recruitment, product design, and services offered, some of them even contemplate a change in their business model; cities and regions are committed to make the circular economy a tool that enables territorial development, in a generating framework of local and non relocatable employment.

To sum up, this International Conference, “Now the Circular Economy”, organized with ACR+, will serve to discuss and think about the different aspects of the circular economy, with the presence of a lot of actors, especially municipalities and Europeans regions, industrial sectors as well as social and scientific actors, who are making significant actions from many points of view in favor of the circular economy.