KIMconference 2016: Innovation as a business growth driver


KIMconference 2016: Innovation as a business growth driver

NEW_InnoNet will be presented during 3rd work session of incoming KIMconference 2016.

WORK SESION 3 – The contribution of the European Comission to promote circular economy

Discussion about the role of the circular economy to stimulate Europe\\'s transition towards a model which will boost global competitiveness, foster sustaina ble economic growth and generate new jobs.
The aim of the roundtable is to share the vision and experiences from different partners involved in EU projects, members of the EC and experts in circular economy in the adoption of a challenge-driven, solutions-oriented research and innovation strategies to promote circular economy

Conference date: 14th June 2016

How generating innovative solutions for enterprises in terms of funds, networking, valorization and commercialization of technology can promote your business to grow.

Palau Macaya, Barcelona (Spain)
Passeig de Sant Joan, 108

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