NWO conference "Science for Circular Economy" - 16 June 2016


NWO conference "Science for Circular Economy" - 16 June 2016

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is organizing the conference "Science for Circular Economy" on June 16th 2016 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The conference takes place under the Dutch Presidency of the European Union in 2016 and focuses on leading research in Europe in the field of circular economy.

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Within the European Union, the transition towards a circular economy is firmly on the political agenda and the European Commission launched a new strategy on this theme in December 2015. The transition to a circular economy is multi-facetted in its nature; encompassing the need to align research and development of (innovative) technologies in close collaboration with SME’s, industry and policymakers and by raising public awareness.

The circular economy is a strategic challenge for science in general and for all research disciplines within NWO. Examples include research on using renewable energy to make fuels and chemicals out of water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, a research program on sustainable business models, and design strategies for cradle-to-cradle concepts. NWO aims to include this diversity in research on the circular economy in the conference and therefore encourages interested parties from all (scientific) disciplines working with this theme to participate in the conference.

Network dinner June 15th
The evening prior to the conference on the Wednesday, NWO will organize a network dinner at the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER) in Eindhoven. This network dinner is open to all participants of the conference. You can register for this dinner through the online registration form.

Conference June 16th
A more detailed description of the program and the parallel workshop session is available here

The conference focuses on leading research in the field of circular economy and the scientific community will therefore make up the majority of the participants. We aim for an interdisciplinary conference, so we would like to stimulate scientists from a variety of disciplines to participate in the conference. In addition, we highly encourage the industry and policymakers to register as well. Participation of the conference is for free. NWO does not reimburse travel and accommodation costs of the participants.

You can register for the conference through the online registration form. The final registration date is June 1st 2016. Please note that we have limited capacity, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible.