Agenda - NEW_InnoNet Workshop: A practical side of innovations for circular economy


Agenda - NEW_InnoNet Workshop: A practical side of innovations for circular economy

Day one - January 31st 2017 (aftenoon)
Plenary session including presentations focused on the la­test initiatives on circular economy from the perspective of the EU institutions.
13:15 Workshop registration
13:45 Welcome and opening
 Tjerk Wardenaar – NewInnonet Project Manager (PNO Consultants)

 EIT Rawmaterials and Circular Economy
Ignacio Calleja - Thematic Officer for Circular Economy and Recycling (EIT RAWMATERIALS)

14:30 Removing legal barriers for closing – The REACH barrier
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 The Circular Lab
 Rosa Trigo – Tecnology and Innovation Manager (ECOEMBES)
16:00 Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) as a tool in support of circular economy
 Pierre HENRY - EC DG ENV.B.1
16:30 Drivers, Barriers and Challengers for Circular Economy
 Jan-Paul Kimmel - Entrepreneur in Circular Economy (RAINBOW CONNECTION)
17:00 Wrap-up for day 1
Day two – February 1st 2017 ( whole day)
Presentation and discussion of practical innovation cases addressing circular economy implementation for ELV, WEEE and waste plastic packaging
09:15 Workshop registration
09:45 Welcome and opening
 Pierre Menger – Project Manager (TECNALIA)
10:00 Redesigning the Producer Responsability
 Françoise Bonnet – Secretary General (ACR+)
 The plastic packiging waste stream
10:30 Design for Circularity
 Alexandra Lange – Head of European Policy Affairs (ECO-EMBALLAGES)
11:00 Quality Assurance for the products manaufactured with recicled material
 Wim Grymonprez – Manager New Business Development Plastics (VKC-CENTEXBEL)
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 Competitive Markets for products designed with recicled plastics
 G. Borge – Project Manager (ZICLA)
The ELV waste stream
12:30 New Legislative Framework in Basque Country
 Meritxell Barroso– ECONIA - IHOBE
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Automotive Industry and the Circular Economy
 Silvia Vecchione - Environmental Policy Manager (EUROPEAN AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURERS\\' ASSOCIATION)
14:30 CLAUT initiative
 Jan-Paul Kimmel - Entrepreneur in Circular Economy (RAINBOW CONNECTION)
The WEEE waste stream
15:00 The input of the social economy
 Mathieu Rama – Policy Officer (RREUSE)
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Citizens motivation to recycle
 Marilu Valente – Designer of Innovation in Sustainability (BENEE)
16:30 Recycling of LCD flat screens
 Pascal Leroy – Secretary General (WEEE FORUM)
17:00 Wrap-up and workshop closure

Workshop brochure [PDF]

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