Save the dates for the upcoming NewInnoNET workshop!


Save the dates for the upcoming NewInnoNET workshop!

The key principle for success of NewInno_Net is an intensive dialogue with stakeholders. For that purpose we would like to draw the attention and welcome  our stakeholders to two events already planned in 2017. These include:  

A NEW_InnoNet webinars on “Economic Instruments” and “Durability & Recyclability Criteria” to be hold in  Brussels on  15 March 2017

The goal of this event is to obtain an expert consensus of what is the best Policy Mix for an ambitious 2030 Near Zero WEE, ELV and Plastic Packaging Waste Scenario. It will achieved by detecting operative fast moving Instruments and future development needs of high relevant instruments.

The event is dedicated to experts from governments,  agencies, knowledge centers, NGOs or private companies working on cost-effective policy instruments and integral policy mixes. Participants with extensive knowledge on tendencies, focus on long-term realistic objectives, experience on failures and success of policy instruments are expected.