Technology Roadmapping Workshop for Plastic Packaging Waste


Technology Roadmapping Workshop for Plastic Packaging Waste

In early June a Technology Roadmapping Workshop for  Plastic Packaging Waste was held in Brussels within “New_InnoNet:  the Near-Zero Waste Innovation Network” project. This workshop was focused on the bottlenecks to be lifted in order to achieve the goal of near zero waste for plastic packaging in Europe, involving around 30 participants representing different stakeholders from the plastic and packaging sector. As a result, a prioritized set of technological and non-technological actions to achieve the aforesaid goal was spotted and ranked. At the same time, it was built a consensus around the main stakeholders’ concerns.

On the 21st of September took place at EuPC offices in Brussels the second stakeholders workshop which aimed at contributing to:

  • Build a shared vision for the near-zero waste packaging value chain.
  • Spot and set out trajectories of change so that the vision comes true.

As a secondary goal, a third objective was also included in the workshop:

  • to allow participants to recognize themselves as a system of stakeholders, building up the feeling of community and seeing how they position themselves in relation to others.

There were 16 participants who were split up into two different tables. The composition of each of them was subtlety biased so that the differences of approach and criterion could be more easily identified.  On the one hand, the first table was more focused on actors and approach from the upside value chain. That is raw material producers, plastic converters and packaging industry. Accordingly, the second table was more focused on the downstream value chain. In other words, retailers, consumers, recyclers and waste management companies.