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Abaleo S.L.

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c/Poza de la Sal nº8







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Abaleo is a consultant company providing specialized and expert services in the wide areas of Environment. 

Abaleo´s multidisciplinary team has a long trajectory in advising and supporting companies, organisms and institutions, to develop studies and projects on:


-     Life Cycle Analysis, Life Cycle Management.

-     Carbon footprint.

-     Water footprint.

-     EU Environmental footprint.

-     Environmental Public Declaration.

-     CO2 emissions voluntary initiatives.

-     Eco-design, Design for sustainability (D4S). ISO 14006.

-     Green Public/Private Procurement (GPP).

-     Corporate Sustainability Report.


-     Environmental Risks Analysis. Environmental liability.

-     Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment.

-     Programs of environmental monitoring (construction and operation).

-     Projects to get the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Authorization.

-     Environmental studies.

-     Environmental Due Diligence.


-     Geology and contaminated soils.

-     Air quality.

-     Waters.

-     Wastes.

-     Noise.

-         Atmospheric dispersion, water discharges and noise modelizations.


-     Recovery of degraded areas projects.

-     Forestry and natural resource management projects.


-     Environmental training.

-     Communication in the field of environment.

-     Development of new services in the environment sector.

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José Luis

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